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Welcome to our Wedding Flowers Guide


Firstly, huge congratulations to you on your engagement!

Wherever you are in the planning stages, this wedding flower guide is here to help you feel confident with your wedding flower planning. Since getting engaged you’ve no doubt begun to notice anything and everything remotely wedding related can quickly shift from exiting & new to stressful & overwhelming. But don’t panic – the important thing is to enjoy the processit’s your wedding – nobody is judging your choices or indeed that you’ve changed them a few times already!

From bouquets & buttonholes to ceremony displays and table centrepieces, flowers will play a significant part in your big day. 


Rebecca Marsala with luxury flowers


Where to start

 Where flowers are concerned, a great place to start is colour.

You’ve no idea which colours you like? Let’s reverse it – which DON’T you like? Start there – eliminate those you know you don’t want and you’ll soon start to see a pattern of colours and that hues you are particularly drawn to. Pinterest is great for floral colour inspiration.  Start by pinning ideas you like the colours, textures and details of. Don’t be afraid to pin home interiors, colour swatches, or clothing too, these key pins will all bring the styling together with ease.



When it comes to dressing your venue with florals, it’s important to lean on your floral designer to help guide you as to what will work with your venue, inspiration and indeed budget. Your venue may have some key areas to focus your florals. For example a dramatic staircase or archway, a vast entrance that needs dressing to create a more intimate atmosphere or perhaps you’ve opted for a marquee area which is a great opportunity for ceiling florals! 

stairs wedding flowers, wedding florals on stairs



That question that you don’t have a clue how to answer…yet it’s SO important for your floral designer to know what they’re working with. We aren’t trying to catch you out or find out some secret information from you, the top and bottom of it is

EVERYBODY had a financial boundary.

Don’t be afraid to voice it, because by in not telling your floral designer, not only are you wasting their time, you’re going to be disappointed with the result because 99% of the time, it’s going to be more than you hoped it would be.

So – how much?

As a guide, the estimated spend on wedding florals is generally around 10-15% of your total wedding budget. So, if you’re budgeting £70,000 on your wedding, your florals should be around £7-10k. No matter the size of your wedding, £20,000 or £200,000, your flowers are going to be noticed…..Let’s make sure its for the right reason!

What do my couples normally spend?

It really does vary but I’d say most of my couples fall between the £4-£7k bracket…but I’m always excited to hear from couples, whether the budget is around £3000 or an ‘I want flowers everywhere’ budget of £15,000. 

Side note!

As an experienced floral designer with a wealth of knowledge that has taken years to gain, I find the couples I tend to work with are those who appreciate my skill and expertise and adore luxury flowers. Each wedding florist works differently, some will price lower than us because of the service, quality of flowers or design skills, others will be higher because of their flower education or business overheads. whomever you choose make sure you know what the prices you receive are based on. Simply put – you cannot compare one floral designer to another based on price. 



But where do I need florals?

Everywhere! Just kidding. Here’s a really quick list of things to consider when it comes to wedding florals:

Bridal bouquet

Bridesmaids bouquets – you may have 2, you may have 8 – again this will impact floral budget.

Flower girls – perhaps you’d like a cute flower crown for them to wear.

Buttonholes and corsages – remember the grandparents! Not every couple getting married still has them, they’re precious and will LOVE being made to feel special by wearing a buttonhole.

Ceremony florals – aisle dressing, feature florals or larger installations

Little details – welcome sign florals, table plan and order of the day, vases for the bouquets to be displayed in after photos – they’ll keep fresher for longer and still look beautiful the next day. 

Table centrepieces – would you prefer tall or low? Low are generally less expensive than tall,

Top table – always low so people can see you!

Cake florals

Thank you bouquets


The wedding flower guide as to what happens after

That is completely in your hands. The floral designs we create for our couples are there’s to keep and give away to friends and family. It’s worth asking your florist if they offer a service to pull florals from larger displays into smaller bunches for guests to be able to take home. We offer this because it’s not a pretty sight seeing someone desperate trying to squeeze a huge pedestal design into a sporty convertible!

Bouquet preservation – hugely popular and I can highly recommend Precious Petals and Flower Preservation Workshop



Thank you for taking the time to read our wedding flower guide, I hope this quick guide has been useful to you.

If you’re ready to chat wedding florals with me click here to book your appointment

Rebecca x