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Welcome to “The Ultimate Guide to Dried Flowers for Weddings,” where we delve into the timeless allure of dried blooms for weddings. At Rebecca Marsala Flowers, we believe in celebrating love in all its forms, and what better way to do so than with the enduring beauty of dried flowers? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the pro’s and cons of dried wedding flowers , from their eco-friendly appeal to their rustic elegance, offering invaluable insights to elevate your dried wedding flowers décor with a touch of natural splendour. So, let’s dive straight in and answer the most asked questions about Dried flowers and help you discover if dried flowers are the perfect choice for your wedding celebration.


Are Dried Flowers OK for a Wedding?

Absolutely! Dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, and for good reason. They offer a unique and charming aesthetic that suits a variety of wedding themes and styles. Plus, they’re incredibly low-maintenance, lasting indefinitely with minimal upkeep. This makes them perfect for couples who want long-lasting floral arrangements that can be cherished as keepsakes. With dried flowers, you also have the freedom to get creative and customize your arrangements to perfectly suit your vision. So if you’re considering using dried flowers for your wedding, rest assured that you’re making a stylish and practical choice.

There is also the choice to mix in dried flowers with fresh flowers or high quality faux throughout the wedding day. You don’t have to be constrained to using just dried flowers. Interestingly, there are quite a number of fresh flowers and foliage’s that work really well with professionally preserved and dried flowers that will also dry out naturally afterwards.


Fresh and dried flower bouquet for bride. This cream bridal bouquet includes pampas grass, honesty, eucalyptus and roses


Are Flowers that have been dried Cheaper?

While dried flowers offer numerous benefits, affordability might not be one of them. Contrary to popular belief, dried wedding flowers are not necessarily cheaper than fresh ones. In fact, the process of drying or preserving flowers often involves intricate techniques that can take several months to complete. Suppliers carefully select and treat each bloom to ensure it retains its shape, colour, and texture. This meticulous process contributes to the overall cost of dried flowers, making them comparable in price to their fresh counterparts. However, the investment is well worth it for couples seeking unique, long-lasting floral arrangements that capture the essence of their special day.


How Long Do Dried Wedding Flowers Last?

Dried wedding flowers can last for months, or even years, with proper care. Unlike fresh flowers, which typically last only a few days, dried blooms can be preserved indefinitely, serving as a cherished keepsake of your special day. With minimal maintenance, such as occasional dusting and avoiding direct sunlight, your dried wedding flowers will remain beautiful for years to come.


Preserved white ruscus foliage, a really great dried greenery to use for dried wedding flower arrangements, bridal bouquets and buttonholes

Dyed apricot gypsophelia (also known as babies breath) This flower id dyed before it is dried and holds the colour.



The Pros and Cons of Dried Wedding Flower Bouquets and Dried Arrangements

When considering dried wedding flowers or fresh and dried arrangements of flowers, it’s vital to weigh both the advantages and potential drawbacks they present.

They boast timeless beauty, enduring long beyond the wedding day, becoming cherished mementos.
Their individuality offers a rustic elegance that adds distinctive charm to floral arrangements. Dried Bridal bouquets, dried buttonholes and other dried flower wedding arrangements can be ordered well in advance.
Availability throughout the year grants flexibility in achieving desired aesthetics regardless of seasonal constraints.
Their durability makes them resilient, ideal for outdoor ceremonies or venues susceptible to warmer temperatures. 

While unique, dried flowers may offer a narrower selection compared to their fresh counterparts, limiting choices.
Contrary to common belief, dried flowers may not always be cost-effective due to the intricate preservation process.
Despite resilience, they can be delicate, requiring careful handling to prevent breakage.
Over time, dried blooms may experience colour fading, especially when exposed to direct sunlight or harsh conditions.


Selecting the Best Dried Flowers for Weddings

Choosing the best dried flowers for your wedding involves considering factors like colour, texture, and overall aesthetic. Here are some popular options to consider:

Lavender: Known for its soothing fragrance and delicate appearance, lavender adds a romantic touch to bouquets and arrangements.
Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath): With its airy clusters of tiny blooms, gypsophila adds volume and texture to arrangements, complementing various floral styles.
Eucalyptus: Loved for its subtle fragrance and elegant foliage, eucalyptus lends a touch of greenery and sophistication to bouquets and centrepieces.
Lagurus (Bunny Tail Grass): Adored for its soft, fluffy texture and whimsical appearance, lagurus adds a playful element to floral designs. Click here to view
Roses: Preserved roses retain their timeless beauty and symbolize enduring love, making them a classic choice for wedding bouquets and designs.
Wheat: Symbolizing prosperity and abundance, dried wheat adds rustic charm and natural texture to arrangements, perfect for autumnal or country-themed weddings.
Helichrysum (Strawflower): With its papery petals and vibrant hues, helichrysum adds a pop of colour and visual interest to bouquets and table dried flower designs.
Ultimately, the best dried flowers for your wedding are those that resonate with your personal style and complement your overall wedding theme. Experiment with different combinations to create arrangements that reflect your unique love story and vision for your special day.


Picking the right dried flower arrangements for your wedding will ultimately depend on their intended purpose. While dried flower bouquets and buttonholes for men are popular choices, larger-scale floral designs are also possible. Whether you’re envisioning delicate bouquets for the bridal party or statement centerpieces for your reception, dried or preserved flowers offer versatility and lasting beauty. Consider the overall aesthetic of your wedding, the season, and your personal style when selecting the perfect dried flower arrangements to complement your special day.

Fresh and dried flower hair comb for the brides hair. This design is created on a comb with the flowers so the hairdresser can just slide it into the hair. Very easy, simple and effective dried flowers for the brides hair.

A two tier wedding cake with tiny dried flowers and greenery placed around each tier to make a dried flower circlet.

Groom wears a dark grey suit with a cluster of dried flowers including bunny tails, ruscus, eucalyptus and fluffy grass. the dried cluster buttonhole is pinned to the suit

Bright dried flower buttonhole for groom that is tied with twine

Bride and groom with complimenting dried wedding flower bouquet and dried and fresh flower buttonhole

Bridesmaid holding dried flowers wedding bouquet of pampas, ferns, honesty and dried grasses

Luxury boho style fresh and dried bouquet for bride to hold. this prarie style bridal bouquet includes cascades of white orchids, blousy roses, dried helicrysium, smoke bush, eucalyptus, astilbe, nerines and dried grasses.


How Early Can I Buy Dried Flowers for My Wedding?

Unlike fresh flowers, which must be purchased closer to the wedding date, dried flowers can be bought well in advance. This flexibility allows you to plan your wedding décor with confidence, knowing that your dried blooms will remain pristine until the big day. Whether you’re DIY-ing your arrangements or working with a florist who specialises in creating dried flower bouquets, wedding party dried buttonholes and everlasting flower arrangements, consider ordering up to a year in advance. If you’re just ordering dried bridal flowers and everlasting buttonholes you could consider requesting delivery of your dried flowers several months ahead if you store them appropriately.


hand tied bouquet of dried and preserved flowers of soft ivory, cream and pink colours. created with lots of dried grasses, bunny tales, preserved fern and preserved roses all tied together with a silk ribbon


Dried Flower Wedding Bouquet

Dried Flower Buttonhole