Tayler and Michael’s wedding really stood out for me last year. Mainly because it was the first couple I’d worked with at Ashridge House, who had decided to hold their ceremony facing the fireplace in the main hall, rather than on the stairs. 

It was a brave move, as they were the first couple to decide to do so but they were confident it would work. Because of this, we just had to make a feature of the fireplace. Tayler and Michael (and Tayler’s mum, who was so excited about the wedding and thrilled to be involved in the planning) gave me free rein on the design front. They wanted a statement piece and I already had it planned out in my mind. 

They also wanted the stairs to be a feature, as it’s a great place for group shots after the wedding. 

The colours were also beautiful – pastel blue and white. Blue flowers always look fresh and white brings the brightness you need with blue flowers as they are often lost through a lens. 

For the tables, Tayler was keen to keep things simple. We used our beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees for the centrepieces, with hanging glass globes with LED tea lights for a delicate glow as the evening drew. 

We were thrilled with how the flowers looked on the day and even happier to see Tayler & Michael’s reaction to them. 

Thanks for reading.

Rebecca x