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Family Funeral Flower Tribute


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Family Funeral Tributes

When the whole family wants to come together to celebrate the life of the one you all love, this is the family funeral flower tribute I always suggest.

The funeral flowers:

This classic elongated diamond shape spray of flowers sits atop the coffin gracefully. It is created by hand to include the best seasonal flowers and freshest foliage’s. The charm of choosing a colour palette and leaving the rest up to us is that the flowers will vary depending on what is in seasonal at the time of the funeral. It’s a great option to pick if you have a limited knowledge of flowers and you want to put your trust in us to create a stunning design full of seasonal floral goodies. However, do communicate with us if there are any special flowers that you would like to be included. This might be a favourite flower, something from their garden, their wedding or even a signature flower from their perfume. We will do our upmost to include it for you.

If you are looking for this style but in brighter colours, click here to see our funeral spray for a gardener

Additionally, your family funeral flower tribute can have personalised card messages attached to it. These can be written by yourself, or we can handwrite them for you.

After you have placed your order Rebecca will take care of everything. From ordering the flowers, foliage and sundries to delivering them to the undertaker in plenty of time.

Please allow at least 3 working days for this item.  If you do need the flowers more urgently, please call 01296594000 to order. 

What happens to flowers after the funeral:

Afterwards you or other family members may wish to take the flowers away after the service so that you can enjoy them at home. Let us know if you are thinking of this as we can help you with making it easier for you to get them home safely.

If you need more guidance, please do book an in-person appointment or ring us and have a chat with Rebecca about your requirements.



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