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Medical Detection Dogs celebrate a milestone at Clarence house with Queen Camilla

In a heart-warming celebration of compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to saving lives, Queen Camilla recently hosted a momentous event at Clarence House to honour the 15th anniversary of Medical Detection Dogs in which Rebecca Marsala created Queen Camilla’s bouquet that was presented to her by the charity. This event not only highlighted the invaluable work of the charity but also underscored the profound impact these four-legged heroes have had on individuals facing complex health challenges.

Medical Detection Dogs, a pioneering organization, is dedicated to training dogs to utilize their remarkable sense of smell to detect diseases and alert individuals to potential medical emergencies. From diabetes to Parkinson’s, COVID-19 to urinary tract infections, these dogs have proven to be invaluable allies in the fight against various health conditions.

At the heart of this celebration were the extraordinary dogs themselves, along with their dedicated trainers and supporters. Queen Camilla graciously welcomed guests, both human and furry, to Clarence House.


Queen Camilla’s Bouquet

One particularly poignant moment of the event for us was the presentation of a fresh flower bouquet to Her Majesty. The bouquet created by Rebecca in her studio in Buckinghamshire, served as a symbol of appreciation for Queen Camilla’s patronage of the charity and her unwavering support for its mission. The delicate blooms, meticulously arranged, reflected the beauty and resilience that define both the royal patron and the remarkable dogs whose work was being celebrated. Queen Camilla’s bouquet flowers were carefully selected spring flowers and foliage and thoughtfully arranged by Rebecca Marsala to include Alchemilla Mollis which is reported to be a favourite of Queen Camilla’s. As they were presented to Queen Camilla, they served as a tangible expression of gratitude not only from the charity but also from the countless individuals whose lives have been touched and transformed by the work of Medical Detection Dogs.

Buckinghamshire Florist Rebecca Marsala created Queen Camilla's bouquet at the recent Medical Detection Dogs anniversary gathering at Clarence House

Queen Camilla holding a spring flower bouquet presented by Medical Detection Dogs

Beyond the presentation flowers, the event was filled with touching moments that underscored the profound impact of Medical Detection Dogs on the lives of those they serve. Guests had the opportunity to witness first hand the incredible skills of these dogs, from detecting urinary tract infections to alerting individuals to life-threatening medical events.

In celebrating 15th anniversary of Medical Detection Dogs, the event at Clarence House served as a poignant reminder of the power of compassion, dedication, and partnership in making a positive impact in the world. It was such an honour to be asked to create Queen Camilla’s bouquet and are delighted that it has been featured across noteworthy media alongside celebrating the incredible job these Dogs are a part of.