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The Love My Dress 2023 Floral Trends report


This Floral trends report by Love My Dress is a must read for any floral enthusiast, florist, floral designer, floral creative, flower grower or indeed anyone getting married this year or next.


It’s an incredible insight into what challenges and changes the flower industry is facing right now. It’s a tough time for anyone in the flower industry. Growers are facing eye-watering energy costs and wholesalers are dealing with increased transport costs. British florists also have an added layer of frustration with import tax and papers to deal with that were not required prior to leaving the EU. 



Credit – Love my Dress Blog

I can not take any credit for the contents of the report, nor the stunning images used. I am simply sharing the report to aid awareness. I found it most useful and as a Floral Creative, it is a wonderful representation within a fabulous floral trend report on an industry that is so often overlooked and undervalued.

Read the report here

Huge thanks to Annabel of Love my Dress and Charlotte Guest writer, who worked incredibly hard to put this together. I salute you!


Here’s a few gems I’ve taken from the Love my Dress 2023 floral trends article (with some images of my own work below). I do highly encourage you to read the whole report.

Liz at Blue Sky Flowers said:

2022 pushed many suppliers’ limits of what they previously considered ‘fully booked’. Double headers (industry lingo for working at two weddings in one weekend) became commonplace, not exceptional. Yet countering the joy of returning to work and full-scale weddings came ugly battles with extreme weather, rising costs and critical supply issues. Liz at Blue Sky Flowers


Hattie From Honour Farm flowers said:

. It is not just a case of the old champagne ideas, lemonade budget mentally. People have always been overreaching in that regard. But 2023 serves a devastating blow as to what your money actually buys you. Everything feels expensive. In December, I popped into our local high street florist, seeking a few blooms to create DIY posies along my dinner table for a kitchen table supper with pals.

Three roses, a couple of stocks, a bit of leafiness, £24. I winced as I tapped my contactless, but hoped I was appeasing my own moral code of shopping small and local (at an independent florist, though undoubtedly the species I selected were imported).

“Value for money has always been a key consideration for all florists’ clients and rightly so. But now, more than ever, clients are wanting to be clever with how they spend their money.  This undoubtedly is going to be the most you’re ever going to spend on flowers, so getting it right and making it count are always going to be a prerequisite.”Hattie at Honour Farm Flowers


Barbara Smith at Wild Flower workshop added:

“I’m keen to get my clients to think about how they use the various spaces and not spreading their budget too thinly across them. Where is the focus? What are the key moments where your flowers are going to bring most joy? Perhaps one big installation as a focal point rather than lots of tiny elements will bring the impact and drama that sets your wedding apart.” Barbara Smith at Wild Flower Workshop






There is honestly so much I want to share here, but I won’t, I urge you to read the FULL REPORT, it really is a wonderful article.

Flowery love

Rebecca x

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Love My Dress Floral Trends report 2023