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Learn about the delicate art of selecting and sending sympathy flowers, offering solace and support during difficult times. Contact Rebecca Marsala Flowers today for more information on finding the perfect flowers. We offer flower delivery in Milton Keynes and in Buckinghamshire, and ensure your gesture of sympathy and support are be personally created and delivered with care and promptness.

With this blog we will gently guide you through the nuances of sympathy flowers and provide you with an understanding about sympathy floral etiquette, from when to send your delivery to which flowers to pick if you want to express your support for grieving loved ones with a meaningful and beautiful floral gesture.


Learn how to tell the difference between funeral and sympathy flowers


Flowers are a touching and traditional way to honour the departed and express compassion to the bereaved, but there are some subtle distinctions between sympathy flowers and funeral flowers.

Traditionally, people deliver sympathy flowers to the home of the bereaved. Sympathy flower designs are perfect for close friends and family of the deceased or a mourning individual. The arrangements are often modest in size and are a token gesture intended to bring solace in the home rather than sent to a funeral home.

Funeral flowers, on the other hand, are sent straight to the undertakers who then transport to the place of the funeral service. We create each funeral flower tribute with bespoke details that reflect and celebrate the life of the one who has passed away. 


When should you send sympathy flowers to show your support and condolences?


It is customary to send sympathy flowers straight to the house of the grieving family or to someone who knew the departed. We can also send sympathy flowers before or after a funeral has taken place or even on a future anniversary. 

Most customers who use Rebecca Marsala Flowers to send sympathy flowers in Buckinghamshire request flowers that the receiver can easily look after. Flower designs like a hand tied bouquet that we deliver in water or a basket arrangement are a great choice for sympathy flowers.

Keep in mind sympathy flowers hold varying significance across different religious and cultural funeral traditions.

In Catholic and Protestant Christianity, all flowers are welcome, while Buddhism prefers white blooms and discourages red ones, along with gifts and food. Mormons appreciate flowers but advise against cross-shaped gifts. In Islam and Judaism, you do not generally give flowers. Hindu ceremonies may incorporate flower garlands, but mourners typically do not offer flowers and opt for fruits instead for the ceremonies that occur ten days after passing. 

The variety of floral customs emphasises the significance of acknowledging religious and cultural nuances when you extend your condolences.


For more advice and guidance on sympathy flowers and funeral flowers in Milton Keynes, contact Rebecca Marsala Flowers today.