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Canopy Blossom Tree Wedding Styling Ideas

At Ashridge House

Welcome to the enchanting world of blossom tree wedding styling at Ashridge House! As a luxury floral designer specialising in faux blossom trees, we are thrilled to unveil five exquisite wedding styling ideas that will transform your celebration at Ashridge House into a floral heaven. Nestled in the breath-taking interiors and landscapes, these faux blossom trees bring an air of romance and sophistication to your special day. Join us as we delve into the realm of possibilities of hire blossom trees. Explore how these blossoming beauties can elevate the ambiance of your Ashridge House wedding.



Why hire faux canopy blossom trees for weddings?

Here are our top 7 compelling reasons why you should choose your faux blossom trees for your Ashridge House wedding:

1. **Timeless Elegance**: Our faux blossom trees infuse your wedding with a timeless charm that resonates perfectly with Ashridge House’s regal ambiance. The delicate petals and graceful branches create a picture-perfect backdrop for your vows and photographs, ensuring your wedding is a visual masterpiece. These trees create stunning photo opportunities, both for intimate portraits and group shots, capturing cherished memories in a dreamy setting.


2. **Weather-Proof Beauty**: Unpredictable weather won’t dampen your spirits or your décor. With faux blossom trees come rain or shine, your wedding will retain its enchanting allure.


3. **Versatile Styling**: Whether you’re dreaming of a fairy-tale romance or a elegant affair, our faux blossom trees seamlessly adapt to your desired wedding theme. For example classic white blossoms to vibrant bursts of colour, these trees provide a canvas for endless creative styling possibilities. When you hire blossom trees for your wedding at Ashridge House, they also transcend the seasonal limitations you’ve chosen to get married in. Meaning that your dream of getting married under a blossom canopy in the depths of winter or on a balmy Autumnal day can 100% become reality.


4. **Stress-Free Planning**: Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. But with our faux blossom trees, you can relax knowing that your décor is taken care of. Our team handles the setup, arrangement and take down, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your special day.



5. **Guest Experience**: Not only do our blossom trees serve as a grand focal point, they also enhance the overall guest experience in numerous ways. For instance, they’re conversation starters, backdrops for candid shots and sources of admiration for guests. They create an atmosphere that evokes emotion and connection.


6. **Budget-Friendly Luxury**: Luxury need not come at an exorbitant price. Enter our faux blossom trees…the epitome of budget-friendly luxury, That allows you to achieve a high-end impactful aesthetic without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. With the flexibility to allocate your budget strategically, our faux blossom trees stand as a testament to the fact that you can achieve an opulent atmosphere that feels tailor-made for Ashridge House, all while remaining mindful of your budget.


7. **Sustainability**: In a world that increasingly values ethical choices, embracing sustainability on your wedding day is a statement of not only style but also responsibility. Our faux blossom trees offer you a sustainable choice. Importantly allowing you to curate a breath-taking wedding at Ashridge House while minimizing the environmental impact. By choosing faux blossom trees, you’re making a conscious choice to reduce waste and carbon footprint. These meticulously designed faux blossoms are crafted to last, ensuring they can be reused for various occasions. 



Lets dive into where to place our Blossom trees at Ashridge house for maximum impact


1. Framing the Loggia door with faux blossom trees.

Without reservation your photographer will love you for choosing to have faux canopy blossom tree in The Loggia. Just one of our blossom trees frames the doorway beautifully and is the perfect addition to single or group photos or for that iconic hanging dress shot.


2. Faux blossom trees for your ceremony in the Main Hall

This area is so versatile for our faux blossom trees.

They look great placed as a pair under the staircase soffit. Creating a canopy over the registrars table on the left and the right being over your musicians area. The blossom trees can also be used on the stairs with hanging glass globes and LED lights as a backdrop for your ceremony. Likewise past couples have also requested them either side of that magnificent fireplace too.


3. Hire Blossom trees for your wedding breakfast in The Repton Hall

Create your own unique blossom tree wedding styling in the Repton Hall. Style the room entrance and create a wow moment for your guests and photographs. Alternatively use the pair of canopy blossom trees either side of your long top table.


4. Blossom Tree Set up in The Lady Marion Alford room

Our Faux canopy blossom trees look incredible behind your cake table, framing those impressive windows or they can also hold their own over the ornate fireplace.

Photographer: Martin J Sylvester


5. Inside The Fernery

Perfect for placing outside to welcome your guests or creating a canopy behind you and your partner for a ceremony or wedding breakfast.

Photographer: By Lumiere


If you want to hire blossom trees from us for your wedding please contact us here to enquire.